Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Can a Cat Be a Vegetarian?

The quick answer is, No!

Cats are carnivores. Strict carnivores, too, according to the experts. That means they eat meat. They should not be fed grains, vegetables, potatoes, fruit, etc. Dogs can manage on those things, but cats who consent or are forced to eat them will eventually experience failing health. Some die if their owners don't stop forcing the incorrect food on their pets.

One very common example is one you may not realize. If a cat is fed nothing but the very cheapest commercial cat food from the grocery store, it will not live as long as it could have. Many many cats on such a diet develop kidney disease and suffer terribly until kidney failure claims their lives.

If anyone thinks a cat's normal lifespan is 10-12 years, or even 14, chances are they're being fed inferior food. Those cheap brands consist primarily of ingredients like corn meal, wheat middlings, and various inert fillers. If you love your cat, be sure to feed primarily a meat diet to ensure continued good health and a long life. My cat Holly is 26 now and eats raw chicken every day.

Vegetarians and vegans who are reluctant to handle meat for their cats may wish to obtain the proper food prepackaged. It's more expensive, but it may be worth it.

[Special thanks to Paul DeCeglie for suggesting this topic. It's very timely right now with all the petfood recalls and warnings, and articles on the subject can be found on many websites. Do a search on any of the veterinary care sites, such as,, and others.]