Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Some Cat Health Problems Can Be Due to Dental Disease

(Feeding dry food to prevent it is a myth)

Middle aged and older cats are especially susceptible to health problems due to dental disease, possibly because their teeth have had longer to deteriorate if they have not had proper care. As with humans, lack of proper dental care may lead to gum disease, for one thing.

Many pet care experts recommend feeding dry kibble style foods as the main dietary component, presumably to keep the teeth cleaned, but that's a myth.

One look at a cat's teeth will tell you why.

The primary use of cats' teeth, which have sharp points and edges, is shredding and tearing... not grinding. That's because cats are "obligate carnivores," that is, they are "obligated" by Nature to be meat eaters. Not kibble eaters, not grain eaters, not even canned food eaters.

Just watch a cat eating dry food. A lot of it is swallowed whole. Some of it is crunched, maybe once, and they swallow the particles when each kibble bit shatters. It simply does not scrub the teeth.

Over the last hundred years or so, people have created pet foods as a convenience to themselves, and is not always the best quality for their pets.

The fact remains, though, Nature created their digestive systems to require a primarily meat diet. So why have we been trying to tame it out of them? It's because we can't handle either the mess or the idea of it. It seems so... well... barbaric!

If you can't stand to feed your kitties some raw meat now and then, along with raw bones to give them something to really chew on to strengthen their jaw muscles, plus something that really does clean their teeth, then you need to resort to alternatives.

Those alternatives include brushing your cat's teeth yourself, but be sure to ask for guidance on how. For example, don't use a human tooth brush, and never use human tooth paste.

There are also products that help with dental health, such as chew toys for cats, and some chewy treats made specifically for this purpose.

Last, don't forget to provide supplemental vitamins to help with their nutritional needs if you just can't do the raw meat thing.

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