Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Outdoor Cats Are Killers

Have you seen the recent "news" articles about all those horrible feral cats demolishing and decimating all the wildlife all over the world? Well, OK, maybe they are having a negative impact on some environments, but it's very upsetting to see how the media is handling this.

They make it look like feral and stray cats are from another planet and have invaded earth and their only purpose in life is to destroy the entire planet....because they are such awful little beasts.

The FACT remains that these cats are only doing what they must to survive, because some HUMANS put them in harm's way. It was NOT their idea to live like that.

Responsible pet owners don't throw cats out like just so much trash, littering the landscape as if they are bags of dirty diapers tossed out the back window of the car as they drive by.

Those of us who rescue these hapless creatures and work so hard to rehabilitate them, often at great cost, are going to have an even harder row to hoe with the already negative attitudes of many who either don't understand cats, or even actively hate them.

How can we teach compassion when the mainstream media preaches hate, without the least concern for the effect this will have?

Now it's going to be that much harder to find homes for even the shy, easy-going and loving cats stuck in shelters everywhere. There is way too much killing of sweet, gentle cats, and now many people will feel even more justified to accelerate the kill rate.Worse, more cat haters will feel justified in torturing them. 

Why not take this opportunity to promote the spay-neuter agenda? Or, why not put the birth control drugs back on the market? FeralStat was working! Yes, it had side effects in some cases. But what is the side effect of allowing abandoned cats to reproduce at will? Hint: a short list includes starvation, disease, injury, etc., all adding up to misery. Oh, but who cares, right?

Better yet, teach responsibility in cat ownership: keep them indoors, get them altered, give them the life they deserve.