Friday, March 2, 2012

Birth Control For Cats Using FeralStat

English: Portrait of a female feral cat (Felis...Image via WikipediaWhat happened to FeralStat? It was being used successfully by many people who care about humanely controlling feral and stray cat populations. Of special note is that one person could handle a fairly large colony of cats without help or great expense.

By contrast, it's virtualy impossible to trap, transport, and pay for very many cats without the help and cooperation of other volunteers and at least one veterinarian.

We need to contact veterinarians and pharmaceutical companies to re-release the drugs that were available for more than 30 years.

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Here is some information to help in this quest:

Name of drug: Megestrol Acetate (Feral Stat)
Email: info @ (They are collecting reports from people in the field who have experience using Feral Stat and want to hear how it has helped them in controlling stray and feral populations. Only send useful information; do not write to complain or ask about something.)

If enough people raise the issue, perhaps we can help each other help more cats.

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