Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Five Ways to Prevent Cat Health Problems

The following 5 steps will help ensure that your best friend can live as long and healthy as possible under your care.

It's important to do what we can to protect our cats because they are totally at our mercy, living in our homes, where they are exposed to many of the same toxins and hazards that we are. But they are smaller, and not able to make decisions about their environment, so it's up to us to provide optimal conditions that lead to continued health and happiness.

Another significant reason to make the effort to keep them healthy is the reduction in medical problems that can result in costly trips to the veterinarian. To be sure you keep your kitty healthy, focus on these areas:

1. Diet. Always read the ingredient labels on any commercial food you buy. Remember that cats are obligate carnivores and require more protein than most pets, such as dogs. Canned, or wet, food is a good choice over dry kibble because it has a higher water content and can help minimize the risk of kidney disease. Organic pet foods are becoming more popular and are worth your attention, too, because of the higher quality ingredients.

2. Water. Be sure your cat always has fresh, clear water at all times. One way to be sure kitty gets enough to drink is to keep it in a separate location from the food. Cats in nature don't eat and drink at the same meal, and tamed cats don't do it either, unless they have no choice. Also, if the tap water in your area is full of chemicals and you drink filtered water, then by all means, give your cat the same consideration.

3. Nutritional supplements. Do you take your vitamins every day? Cats may need some, too, and there are many on the market now, as more and more people realize the need to provide proper nutrition to their pets. Rather than trying to figure out which vitamins and minerals are needed and then buying them separately, try to find a good all around supplement. A very good formula, along with a free ebook about feline nutrition, can be obtained here: http://bit.ly/9pN3Uj

4. Love and attention. Many people think cats are aloof and have no feelings, but that's completely untrue. Cats are very emotional beings and only appear aloof when people ignore them and they are forced to survive under whatever conditions are present. Scientific studies have proven that love and attention play a major role in the health and well being of people, dogs and other creatures. Why not cats?

5. Minimize toxins at home. Just as you might keep small objects and toxic cleaning supplies out of reach of toddlers, do the same for your cat. They are just as curious as children are and can get into dangerous substances and items that can harm them. Also, if you smoke, your cat is smoking, too. Their lungs are much much smaller and will be affected more severely than yours are. If you must smoke, do so in an area away from your cat, kids, other pets, and anyone who could be sensitive to the effects of secondhand smoke.

By just observing these tips, your cat can live a healthy and happy life for as long as possible.

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