Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cat Safety Tips in the Summertime

In most areas, summertime can be a risky season due to extreme heat, increased insect populations, and exposure to sunlight. Yes, pets can become sunburned.

The following 5 tips will help you protect your beloved kitty from suffering any these problems:

1. Provide shade for outdoor animals. For the most part, it's just best to keep them indoors, where air conditioning, or at least a good fan, will help keep them cool. Like dogs, cats do not sweat. And though they may be seen panting, it's only normal for dogs. If your cat is panting, it's usually an urgent sign of trouble. Immediately cool the cat down with water. If she won't drink it, you will need to drizzle some onto her fur, or use a small cloth dampened with cold water, especially on her head and paws, while you are on your way to the veterinarian's office.

2. Never leave ANYONE in a locked vehicle on a hot day. It literally becomes an oven in there and WILL result in heatstroke and probably death. If you see a pet (or child!) in such a car, immediately contact local police.

3. Sunscreen may be just as helpful for animals as it is for humans. Apply it to the areas of thin fur on the head of your cat, but be sure to clean it off when the sun goes down or the cat comes inside. Cats like to wash themselves and human sunscreen may be toxic. There are animal sunscreen products that are better for your cat, such as Solar Rx. (Look for the page of cat products.)

4. Use flea protection products year 'round, but especially during the summer months. Check out the variety of products available at Only Natural Pets. Also look for tick prevention products!

5. Create and keep a first aid kit at the ready for your kitty. Use a breakaway collar, and keep identification on your cat.  Here are some poison control contacts you should keep handy and hope you never need:

The National Animal Poison Control Center 1-900-680-0000 or 1- 800-548-2423

Once you have these items and ideas in place, you can enjoy the summer months with your cat without taking chances.